Viral Marketing

Understand Viral Content -

Most Internet audiences are busy. They’re short on time, not to mention attention span. Your viral content should seize attention immediately, rather than a slow build. It needs to be something that people will notice when they’re busy and then stops everything to watch. Make a newsworthy content that bloggers and columnists can cover for their next piece. Know your targets by researching more about them, particularly those that write for bigger online publications, as this could assist you produces an additional personalized copy for your email once you begin pitching the story to them.

It’s easier for your content to reach more people when influential individuals in your industry are putting your content in front of your target audience. If your goal is to create content people want to share, you have to make sure you’re crafting content that evokes emotions.

Always keep an eye out for upcoming trends and topics your brand can take a position on. That functions to one, spark a discussion between you and them, and two, encourage a discussion amongst your audience. Remember, the goal is to start a conversation.


Are you loosing behind on Digital branding?

Digital Branding

If I put it simply, digital branding is the representation of your brand on digital platforms in the form of a website, apps, social media, etc. When we combine digital marketing with internet branding that’s where the magic of digital branding happens.

Do your digital presence actually matter? Well, after this COVID situation there is an increasing number of eyeballs on screens either bigger or smaller. We are surrounded by digital devices.
A larger section of us are actually interacting with the outer the world through the internet only, so why not convert a casual scroller on the internet to our long term brand loyalist.

Now with devices as small as a smartwatch, now your brand possess the power to be present for your customer everywhere. Well if my 50-year-old mother has a Facebook account, why should not you?

Digital branding vs. digital marketing

Now the main question arises – what is the difference between digital marketing and digital branding?

On one hand, Digital branding emphasizes on your product’s value the proposition which culminates into brand loyalty and recognition, while on the other digital marketing brings more focused effort on acquiring new customers and increased sales.

You might have noticed that you are lobbed with advertisements wherever you go online. That is digital marketing at its peak. Advertisements may come up in between your youtube video ads or in the form of an influencer praising their favorite earphones on Instagram Reel’s story.

As opposed to traditional advertising, Digital branding is more about engaging you rather talking to you as a monologue. It is more about invoking positive feelings in consumers with the help of your online identities which moves consumer from considering your brand as a transaction to an emotion.

No doubt it is imperative to focus on your digital branding alongside digital marketing efforts !!