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We breathe marketing and exhale digital

We understand that True Performance happens when you combine Data, Insights, and Technology with awesome Content. That is what leads to delivering high-impact digital experiences.

Strategy and Consulting

“Think before you Act” especially in case of digital marketing a good start plays a vital role in winning the race. That’s why we spend hours creating and recalibrating the strategies based on mix of data and experience.

Digital Strategy

Content strategy

Influencer outreach

Social Media strategy

Brand & Communication strategy

Alliances and strategic partnership

Content Creation

“The true test of strategy happens in execution”

Every platform comes with its advantages and limitations. All the content on your digital assets tells a story about your brand, it is an opportunity to build as well as damages your brand. That is why there needs to be a coherency across all the platforms and in all the communications.

Social Platform Management

Application Development & ASO

Website Development & Management

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

Film & Photo Studio

PPC campaign

Analytics and Optimization

Having a content strategy and preparing content is half the job. After the content is out, we need to keep a track on all the performance and brand matrix such as engagement rate, brand mentions, sentiment analysis & website actions. We need to find out what is working and what is not for the brand to optimize the campaigns and to get the best ROI on the marketing spends.

Website analytics

Hashtag performance

Social analytics

Sentiment analytics

Online reputation management

Organic and paid performance


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Jaideep Solanki


Swarit Yadav


Prashant Yadav


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